Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints are made to order, printed, hand-cut, & shipped from my cozy studio to yours.

Printed on heavyweight archival paper with archival pigment inks that will resist fading for hundreds of years with proper care. Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Nūr é cheshme-am / Conversation around Love & Spirituality

They say, like all love, art is rooted in heartache. As I start to map out the ideas, gather supplies, make drafts, and work on it, these actions essentially combat the moments where I am at my lowest. My process becomes my solace and the following art turns into a channel for me to heal my heartaches.

Arabic Scriptures

the Grandeur of Ornamental Kufic Script

The first calligraphic script to gain prominence in the Qu’rans & on architectures and portable works of art. Its beauty lies in angular letters, horizontal format and thick extended strokes.

Allah in gold ink on blue watercolor washed background

Islamic geometric designs

islamic geometry & Elongated Thuluth Script

Islamic geometric patterns are perfectly symmetrical and they are created using the techniques of mirroring and repetition. They aim to depict the harmony and complexity of the universe’s creation.

Clemency – “My Lord forgive and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful” 

(Al-Quran 23:118).

Rumi & land of persia

Rumi's Poetry Complimented by the Simplicity of Nastaliq Script

Mysticism & Affection; the dimension of the love connection between God and the mystic, explained through the traditional Nastaliq script without tashkeel.

Rumi series 04 – a religion of love

Original Paintings

Names of Allah Vol.01

– 2018

Nur e Cheshme am

– 2023


– 2019


Nur e Cheshme am - process

– 2023



– 2020

Declaration of God's Unity

– 2019


Zahl [2:201]

– 2023


Asma ul Husna

– 2021

Commission FaySeen


What People say



“I wanted to gift my friend a portrait for her birthday and Fizza did a great job at creating exactly what I hoped for. Although she mentioned that this was her first female portrait it honestly seemed like she had created a million before. I would definitely recommend that you get her services. You’re not gonna get disappointed!”



“It was brilliantly executed. She completely understood what I wanted, made the most beautiful piece and delivered it on time, all while keeping me updated. She’s an absolute powerhouse.”