Past Events

2024 - Exhibit II

Inauguration of ‘Memoir’ Print Collection

In association with Haryali Entrepreneurs Market happened on the 3rd of March, 2024 in Lahore. A line up of the new digital pigment prints collection ‘Memoir‘ with original calligraphy paintings. 

2024 - Exhibit I

Original Paintings Line up and Fine Art Prints

In association with ‘Visual and Tech Product Convention’ brought to you by Lahore Design Festival by INDEX LUMS on 2nd of February, 2024 at LUMS, Lahore. A celebration of the conversation around design and tech that extends into realms of education, architecture, heritage, cinema, and music.

‘Future Story’ Exhibition 2024
Lahore Design Festival

NAQSH – E – Kuhan

Ancient Imprint
12” x 17”
Mixed Media on Heavy-Weight Paper

The idea behind this artwork came about as thought of dependence on technology to the extent that it will overpower the future physical world by being an absolute necessity rather than an advantageous tool. Such will be the irony that the same advanced technology will be used to see an ancient architectural imprint that was once a physical reality, but now has been replaced by the contemporary advanced world itself. Inspired by the Mughal Architecture of Minarets in Lahore and paired with Iqbal’s poetry in traditional calligraphic script, explaining the inevitable end to every thought/era/being.

اوّل و آخر فنا، باطن و ظاہر فنا
نقشِ کُہن ہو کہ نَو، منزِل آخر فنا

annihilation is the end of all beginnings, annihilation is the end of all ends
extinction , the fate of everything; hidden or manifest, old or new.

Exhibition going live from 2nd February till 4th February 2024
Venue: LUMS, Sector U, DHA Phase V, Lahore.

2023 - Exhibit I

Original Paintings Line up and Fine Art Prints

In association with #LUMSMela 2023 brought to you by LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES), happened on 22nd of March, 2024 at LUMS. It served as an opportunity for all the small businesses to flourish & get recognition.